Länksamling 2015:14

Länksamlingen är tillbaka, med vissa ändringar. Jag samlar fortfarande det roligaste, intressanta, läsvärda, allmänt häftiga och galnaste som det (borde ha) snackats om den senaste tiden, men jag har inte riktigt tid att hålla någon regelbunden frekvens pga. tidsbrist. Som en följd kommer det att bli mindre fokus på aktuella nyheter och i stället fokusera på tidlöst nonsens och annat smått och gott.

Vi börjar med en recap för sommaren som aldrig mera kommer att vara:

Memento Mori: the beautiful ways we have kept the dead among the living (boingboing)

This Device Reads Your Mind and Types Your Thoughts (vice)

Wayback Machine’s 485 billion web pages blocked by Russian government order (arstechnica)

EU plans to destroy net neutrality by allowing Internet fast lanes (arstechnica)

Douglas Coupland: ”We are data: the future of machine intelligence” (FT Magazine) (via Jonas Thente)

Welcome to the AI Conspiracy: The ‘Canadian Mafia’ Behind Tech’s Latest Craze (recode)

Nihilist Arby’s is the best thing on Twitter (boingboing)

How often do Ethics professors call their mothers? (aeon)

CERN experiment spots two different five-quark particles (arstechnica)

Computer Diagnoses Depression with 85 Percent Accuracy (bigthink)

Rats Dream About the Places They Want to Explore (discover)

Yes, This Super Healthy Seaweed Really Does Taste Like Bacon (fastcoexist)

Physicists create an artificial magnetic wormhole (hacked)



Beautiful microscope photographs of drugs, legal and illegal: LSD, caffeine, GHB, meth, and more (via boingboing)


Evocative image of rose embers (via boingboing)


Dark Side of the Pluto revealed in new NASA image from New Horizons mission (via boingboing)


Conservative wing of Ontario government wants sexual art removed from office gallery (via boingboing)


When Photographers Are Neuroscientists (via nautil.us)


Austerity survival guide (via thecuriousbrain)


Beautiful new photos by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly make the Earth look strangely alien (via quartz)


Astronomy Picture of the Day 2015 September 2 (via apod)


Astronomy Picture of the Day 2015 August 25 (via apod)


(via 30000fps)


(via 30000fps)


(via 30000fps)


Scarfolk Council: ”No” (1973-1975) (via scarfolk)


Satanic squirrel taxidermy, anyone? (via dangerousminds)


A Japanese hermit’s serene mountain retreat (via boingboing)

Storm Chaser Captures One of the “Most Beautiful Weather Phenomenons” He’s Ever Seen (via twistedsifter)

Statligt knark dödar (via kontro)

Why Honeybees Are Dying, Explained In Just 6 Minutes (via fastcoexist)