Länksamling 2016:02

En samling av det roligaste, intressanta, läsvärda, allmänt häftiga och galnaste som det (borde ha) snackats om den senaste tiden. Uppdateras utan förvarning, beroende på hur mycket som hänt och stor relevans händelserna har haft för ett anständigt liv på den här planeten eller andra.

BBC brings out big guns for Planet Earth II (arstechnica)

The rise of American authoritarianism (vox)

Live and let die: did Michel Foucault predict Europe’s refugee crisis? (theconversation)

MI5 warning: we’re gathering more than we can analyse, and will miss terrorist attacks (boingboing)

Surveillance has reversed the net’s capacity for social change (boingboing)

Google Wants to Save News Sites From Cyberattacks—For Free (wired)

The new mind control (aeon)

“John Doe’s Manifesto”: Panama Papers Source Blasts Lack of Media Interest, Calls for Prosecutions, Whistleblower Protection (nakedcapitalism)

How a pharma company made billions off mass murder by faking the science on Oxycontin (boingboing)

Neoliberalism: Oversold? (imf)

Disgust made us human (aeon)

The Invention of the ‘Type A’ Personality (priceonomics)

Florida’s Coral Reefs Are Dissolving Much Sooner Than Expected (fastcoexist)

What I learned after spending two days with futurists and positive psychologists (boingboing)

Breakthrough Starshot announces plans to send ship to Alpha Centauri (arstechnica)

Huge New Bounty of Exoplanets Found, Including Nine in the Goldilocks Zone (slate)

The psychedelic occult music of Master Wilburn Burchette (dangerousminds)

Pixelsynth: fun Web instrument translates images into electronic music (boingboing)



The Long Room, Trinity College Library, Dublin (via twistedsifter)


Incredible Fireball Cloud Spotted Over Portugal’s Madeira Island (via twistedsifter)


These Images of Sound Waves in Water Are Hypnotic (via gizmodo)


Consciousness creep (via aeon)


Gallery of secret society art (via boingboing)


Trading Cards That Double as Guides to Viruses (via mentalfloss)


Disassembled sexbots are horrifying (via quartz)


Drone images show the “architecture of apartheid” in Cape Town is still firmly in place (via quartz)


Spellbinding portraits of native americans in beautiful, surreal traditional ceremonial costumes (via dangerousminds)


H.R. Giger’s nightmarish tarot cards (NSFW) (via dangerousminds)


Britain’s fabulous Brexit song is even better than the Trump Girls Freedom song
(via boingboing)

Trump Deep Nightmare: Google’s Deep Dream AI run against a Donald Trump speech
(via boingboing)

Wintergatan – Marble Machine

Mesmerising Mass Sheep Herding (via bestofyoutube)

Specktors – Life

630 tankar kring ”Länksamling 2016:02

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